Motion Graphics and Video: TO THE MAX!

Thinkoffbeat. Not just a name but our company mantra. Need some video or animation? Think differently, Thinkoffbeat.



We love the rush of getting the shot. We love making sure the exposure and composition is just right. And we love making sure your story is being told.

Video Editing

We enjoy getting the timing just right on every project we touch. Our attention is to the details and we aren't afraid to trim the content down until the story told is at it's best.


We started with motion graphics and we love mixing both digital and traditional techniques to get the right look for the job. We've done work for commercial, social and internal use and are equally comfortable creating an entire animated piece as we are with polishing off something live action with animated florishes.

Storyboard/ Design

We understanding concepting and pacing. We also have a firm grasp on the principles of design; which helps us take an idea from napkin to deliverable. We can accommodate your need, whether it be initial conception or from idea to production.

Some examples of our work

Our Client List

We've partnered with some well known brands. Interested in seeing some of our work? Drop us a line or two and contact us.

The Collection of Unfinished Projects

Thinkoffbeat focuses on motion graphics and video, but we also produce on going projects like The COUP; an interactive/ multi discipline arts experience. But don't let the big words get in the way. Visit the site and download the free Booster Pack #1 to experience it for yourself.

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Who We Are

Thinkoffbeat began with a desire for it's founder, Freddy Bustamante, to be at home with his newborn son and loving wife. What started with a yearning to be home turned into freelance work with some of the world's top brands (and another beautiful/ rambunctious baby girl). We're now a multi-discipline studio dedicated to creating meaningful and impacting visual and musical art. We focus on creating engaging and exciting motion graphics and videos for mid to large scale companies. And yeah, we like to doodle. A lot.

Founder/ Nap Connoisseur
Freddy Bustamante
When I'm not drawing my heart out or animating something in Maya and After Effects, I'm playing video games with my kids and annoying my wife with my bad impressions. I enjoy bike riding, mentoring youth, Studio Ghibli films and technology. And I also like going to the movies just for the nachos.